Fatal Colorado Car Accident: Liability and Steps in Wrongful Death Actions

Car accidents can cause serious personal injuries that may cause the wrongful death of an innocent victim. This is particularly true in trucking wrecks or in high-speed crashes on Colorado’s interstates like I-70, I-25, or I-76. Other times pedestrian knockdowns or motorcycle collisions can cause life-threatening injuries that ultimately take the life of a loved […]

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Paralysis Caused by a Colorado Springs Auto Accident

The impact of an auto accident can cause damage to vital parts of the human body. Some of the worst injuries are those to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) or peripheral nervous system (other out-branching nerves) which affect how a person’s body sends and receives messages. These messages govern sensation like touch, […]

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Amputations Caused by Colorado Auto Accidents

Serious auto accidents can cause a range of personal injuries. These injuries commonly include broken bones or severe lacerations. More significant crashes will cause more serious injuries such as paralysis or wrongful death. But any of these types of crashes can cause injuries that may compromise a person’s limb. This can result in an amputation […]

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Drugged Driving Car Crashes in Colorado

Colorado Car Crashes Caused by Drugged Driving: Proving Liability in Colorado Driving a motor vehicle while perfectly competent and in control of one’s faculties can be challenging under some certain circumstances, particularly in inclement weather or heavy traffic. But when alcohol is added, it is well-known that drunk driving becomes one of the most dangerous […]

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Can I dismiss my Colorado divorce case?

As a Colorado Family Law Lawyer, I handle many high conflict divorce and child custody cases where parties are in high conflict. Often times, clients come into my office angry, upset and in a high emotional state. When clients make the decision to officially file for divorce, the decision is never one that is made […]

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