The Broadmoor

Five Fun Things to Do at the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort

The Broadmoor is a luxurious hotel and resort in Colorado Springs, and it’s truly a sight to behold. The Broadmoor is located at 1 Lake Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80906. With stunning, upscale architecture, charming shops and boutiques, classic Colorado scenery, and rolling golf courses and fields, the Broadmoor has a little something special for everyone, and we’ve even experienced it first-hand! As a Colorado Springs-based company, Springs Law Group is familiar with some of the best parts of the Springs — especially the Broadmoor! In fact, we’re all huge fans of the Broadmoor here at Springs Law Group, and we often find ourselves recommending fun things to do while visiting the Broadmoor. So we’ve put together this list of five family-friendly things to do at the Broadmoor hotel and resort! Learn more about Colorado Springs here

1. Book a Weekend Stay at the Hotel

The Broadmoor is best known for its luxury hotel. With extravagant aesthetics, five-star service, and luxurious activities and excursions, the Broadmoor hotel is a popular choice for families who are looking to have some fun and unwind for a while. Take the kids to one of many outdoor activities and adventures, and then schedule a luxurious spa treatment and soak up some you-time.

2. Schedule a Horseback Riding Tour

The Broadmoor is popular for its classic Colorado scenery and charming architecture. This makes it a great spot for horseback riding. Schedule a guided horseback riding tour with the whole family, and take in the beautiful sights without having to worry about anyone’s feet getting tired on the trip!

3. Bike the Paths

The Broadmoor is a popular spot for bikers for all the same reasons it’s popular for horseback riders. Biking is the perfect option for anyone looking to easily travel through some of the best parts of the Broadmoor. So if you’re not a fan of horseback riding, then you can hop on a bike and glide down the streets and paths of the Broadmoor resort!

4. Go on a Hike

Most people are surprised to hear that you can hike at the Broadmoor. In addition to being a little slice of luxury in the Springs, the Broadmoor is also a great hiking destination! In fact, the Broadmoor has some of the most beautiful mountain paths in Colorado! Speak with a professional guide, and let them help you find the perfect path for everyone’s ages and skill levels.

5. Go Rock Climbing

In addition to being a great hiking destination, the Broadmoor is also a great place for rock climbing! It offers a variety of different cliffs and difficulty levels. Ask a professional guide to help you find the perfect rock climbing route for the whole family, and take on the challenging cliffs together!    

Visit the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort Today!

The Broadmoor is a beautiful sight to behold, and it’s full of family-friendly activities. But don’t just take our word for it! Visit the Broadmoor hotel and resort today, and be sure to tell them that Springs Law Group sent you! Browse around this site.