What type of questions will they ask me?

Kind of the big topic areas that you can expect to be asked about are going to be how the accident occurred, what was your treatment like, did you have any prior injuries before the subject lawsuit? Have you had any injuries after the subject lawsuit and how are you feeling currently? Have your injuries improved? Have they gotten worse? How are you feeling today?

One topic that surprises people sometimes or annoys them is background. So, the attorneys are entitled to find out a little bit about your background, just to know who you are as a person, where you’re from, your family situation and things like that. The reason people get annoyed is because they feel like that has nothing to do with the accident. However, the way that you appear in court and in front of a jury and what they think of you as a human being, makes a big difference in the value of your case, because jurors don’t want to give money to bad people. It’s allowed for the attorney to ask questions to get to know you a little bit. They can’t dig deep into private stuff, but they can get into your background and your education level and your career or job.