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I worked with Chris Nicolaysen to clear up some confusion around my personal will, estate planning, trusts, etc., and Chris was very helpful and patient. He completed my legal documents in excellent time, with quality and thoroughness that was also admired by my financial advisor. I would recommend Chris with confidence for all personal, planning and family law issues.
— Debora H.
Jacob was very helpful when representing me during the difficult time of my divorce. He was sympathetic and understanding during stressful times and kept me from putting my foot in my mouth many times. His was also very upstanding and matter-of-fact about and during my proceedings, pointing out things in a pragmatic way. Jacob helped me keep my head and make the best decisions possible for me and I would recommend him to anyone who is going through a difficult time. He doesn't rattle easily and it's great to have someone to rely on when "it" hits the fan.
— Erin R.
Excellent Lawyer
I was very nervous going in to this case and he made the whole process very painless for me. Very professional but not intimidatingly so. I feel like he cared about my case as much as I did. Always ready with an open ear and helpful advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone! And if needed I would definitely seek his services agian. Thanks again Chris you were great!
— Sierra
Great attorney, great advice.
I used Lindsey for a consultation on a legal situation I found myself in. Lindsey was professional and courteous. And spent a lot of her time discussing my situation. Her advice allowed me to avoid a possibly expensive litigation.
— Ashley
Jacob Kimball ... made our car accident claim successful. Jacob spent time explaining the procedures and giving me real expectations. I was confident having Jacob represent our son and myself to the insurance company. Jacob is professional, knowledgable and caring. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.
— Stacy M.
Honest, Kind and Compassionate attorney!
I cannot give enough praise about Chris Nicolaysen. He went above and beyond for me with my divorce. He made my very difficult situation, much easier to handle. Any stereo-type that I have ever had about lawyers, he broke. He is honest, kind, and compassionate. I highly recommend Chris and will use him for any court proceedings that might arise in the future.
— Mischa
Chris was an amazing guide through my legal battle. He was up front with me and told me what he thought the strengths and weaknesses of my case were from the very beginning. He started with telling me that he is very unemotional, a good counter balance to my very emotional, but he was very invested in my case, encouraging when I needed it and gave me a swift kick when I needed that too. He does not have the normal lawyer pretense, which was a huge benefit in my mind (sorry)! I highly recommend Chris.
— Jennifer B.
Jake Kimball is the most amazing, sympathetic attorney I've ever met. Although my divorce case was a really tough and complicated one, he fought with me, he kept me straight throughout the whole process specially inside the court in spite of all the emotional stress I was going through. God knows how many times I cried a river in front of him about my situation and about my fears. He managed to calm me down everytime ( its probably annoying to hear a woman cry everytime we had a meeting but he put up with ????). He made me understand that he will help me fight. We built that attorney-client relationship and eventually became friends after all. He is very easy to talk to. He was very knowledgeable and you can trust that he would do anything to fight a good fight for you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. And if something came up and I needed an attorney's help, I will no doubt hire him again! Thank you Jake for everything! I wouldn't have survive that dark side without your help!
— Ruby C.
Exceptional Expertise
Jake Kimball is the best lawyer I've worked with in a long time. I've relied on his exceptional expertise on a number of occasions and will do so in the future as the need arises. He's professional and knowledgable and eager to help. I can't recommend him enough, and will continue to send friends and family his way.
— J. D.
Outstanding Lawyer
Jake Kimball is the best lawyer we have had in Colorado Springs, and we have worked with several. He is hardworking, quick, and smart. I highly recommend him.
— Jeff M.
I just want to say that I had an amazing experience with Chris Nicolaysen. Not only did he go above and beyond for my case, but he was pivotal in me getting the outcome I desired. I will both recommend and use Chris for any further court proceedings I have in the future.
— Billy
I experienced a life altering personal injury in 2015. Jake Kimball/Springs Law Group spent over two years on my case. He worked diligently to advocate, expedite and speak on my behalf, in what was a very difficult 24 month for me so that I was spared having to "deal with" the less then helpful or empathic insurance company and their attorney. Jake was responsive and whether it was by email, phone or even text, he was always prepared with a TRUTHFUL update on the status of my case. That was the most impressive quality of doing business with SLG; their honesty and authenticity whether the "news" was good or not so good. I greatly appreciate his up front approach and I could always count on him to give me the truth and never felt mislead, given false hope, and always felt supported and "in the loop" on what was my first (and hopefully) last personal injury at a place of business. I will certainly utilize Jake and or the SLG attorney's for any future legal needs as they (unlike many) are a entity that has demonstrated ethical and honest best practices.
— Alexis D.
I was very nervous going in to this case and Chris made the whole process very painless for me. Very professional but not intimidatingly so. I feel like he cared about my case as much as I did. Always ready with an open ear and helpful advice. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone! And if needed, I would definitely seek his services again. Thanks again, Chris you were great!
— Sierra
Chris Nicolaysen was my attorney for my divorce and custody case. He was honest and realistic with me about my case. He's very knowledgeable. More importantly he was kind and helped me emotionally as well. His encouraging words will stick with me throughout my life! He still answers any questions I have even though my case is over. I would absolutely recommend him!
— Amanda S.

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