Colorado Springs Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

There are a variety of circumstances that may trigger arguments between ex-spouses. Typically, these fights happen when one party does not follow court orders, such as the custody agreement. Sometimes, these instances happen when one party still wants to control over the other. Regardless of the reason, a Colorado Springs post-divorce disputes lawyer could help you through this process if you are fighting with your ex-spouse over a legal matter. Our divorce attorneys have the skill and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Common Areas of Dispute After Divorce

Disputes commonly occur after divorce when one parent violates the parenting plan. Some of these violations may include continually showing up late, not following the exact days, moving with a child, or missing parenting time. Arguments also may happen when one party believes that the children are potentially put in harm by the other parent. In some situations when a child can move about more freely, they may decide to spend more time with one parent over the other, which may result in a violation to the custody agreement and arguments between the two parents.

When one party violates a separation agreement following divorce, some common disputes include failing to close bank accounts, not transferring the title of a vehicle, or not skipping the equity out of the house through a refinance for the other party. In general, any terms that are not followed in a separation may lead to a post-divorce dispute in Colorado Springs, and therefore, the need for an attorney.

Benefits of a Colorado Springs Attorney Following a Divorce

A person should reach out to a lawyer in Colorado Springs immediately if they are having post-divorce dispute. A lawyer could review the original court orders, and determine if the argument is a valid legal dispute.

One of the biggest advantages of working with an attorney is they are a neutral third-party that can see past the emotional aspect of the situation. When one side is not following a court order, it can be frustrating. An attorney could review the documents and walk through step by step to determine what someone’s legal options may be for their case. Most importantly, a lawyer could help someone understand and give them a strategic plan that is not emotional but practical.

Post-divorce Modifications in Colorado Springs

Generally, the post-divorce modifications are going to be related to parenting time and possibly in relation to child support or spousal maintenance. Modification may occur if the parties are in agreement of a modification related to parenting, child support, spousal maintenance or any items in the separation agreement. If the parties agree, they can draft a stipulation which would then be reviewed by the court for approval. If the parties do not agree, then one party could file a motion to modify, which ultimately would result in mediation. If the parties cannot agree at mediation, then they would go to a court hearing.

Contact a Colorado Springs Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney

You should contact a Colorado Springs post-divorce disputes lawyer because we could help guide you through the process of filing a modification. Additionally, we could be an advocate for you during mediation or in court. For help with your case, call our office today.