Colorado Springs Child Support Lawyer

Both parents bear the responsibility of financially caring for their child. As a result, child support is frequently a contentious issue during divorce. You should speak with a Colorado Springs child support lawyer if you are going through a divorce and need help navigating the state’s laws concerning parental financial obligations. One of our caring and dedicated family law attorneys could help you better understand your potential financial obligation and represent you at all court proceedings.

Standard Expenses Included in Child Support

Child support can cover a wide range of expenses for the care and upbringing of a child. Expenses such as the child’s healthcare, education, food, clothing, and shelter are all essential costs that child support can cover. These payments also may include miscellaneous expenses, such as daycare expenses and transportation costs. A parent’s financial obligation may terminate once their child is 19 but may be extended in certain circumstances. A seasoned attorney in Colorado Springs could help a parent draft a fair child support agreement that covers many of the expenses associated with raising a child.

What Factors Impact a Parent’s Financial Obligation?

Under state law, both parents must support their child to ensure that their primary and ongoing needs are met. Therefore, a court may order both parents to fulfill a particular obligation. A variety of factors can impact the extent of each parent’s child support obligation. For instance, the custodial and visitation rights of each parent may factor into their support obligation as well as the specific needs of the child. If the child had a particular lifestyle before the divorce, the court might consider this when deciding on an agreement.

The aggregate wages of both parents typically is one of the main determinates when deciding on how much child support each party has to pay. Once a court takes the income of both parties into account, they consider any specific expenses associated with the child’s upbringing, and determine the amount based on a formula outlined by state law. After the court decides on the child support amount, it divides the obligation between both parents.

It is important to know that the amount each parent pays in child support may not necessarily be equal. For example, if one parent earns significantly more per year than the other, the court may order them to make more significant payments. A Colorado Springs attorney could advocate on a parent’s behalf during all child support proceedings.

Filing for Child Support as an Unmarried Parent in Colorado Springs

Child support is not a concern that is exclusive to divorce cases. These matters also may arise between unmarried parents. If the child’s paternity was never legally established, the mother may need to confirm their child’s paternity before being able to request child support from the alleged father or vice versa.

One option to establish paternity is for both parents to sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity form. Otherwise, either party can petition the court to enter a finding of paternity, and a judge can order DNA testing.

Contact a Colorado Springs Child Support Attorney

If you are facing an impending child support case, it is imperative to have qualified legal assistance. A Colorado Springs child support lawyer could explain and protect your legal rights while helping you pursue an arrangement that best meets the needs and interests of your child. Call today to set up your introductory consultation with a lawyer from our firm.