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Springs Law Group offers the full spectrum of family law services in Colorado Springs. Common legal issues include—but are not limited to—child support, child custody, divorce, adoption, and paternity. With Springs Law Group, you always get the full attention of our family attorneys. You’re never passed off to an associate. This assures you get the best possible legal representation at the fairest price. Give us a call to schedule a private 30-minute consultation in person or over the phone.

During your consultation, we discuss your goals, costs, and realistic expectations of results. And your initial consultation costs you nothing. We Handle Family Matters Through a Client-Centered Approach. When you need a family law attorney, you are entitled to a counselor who truly understands your situation and your priorities.

At Springs Law Group in Colorado Springs, our attorney’s client-centered approach allows us to make the strongest case possible in support of people going through divorce, custody and support issues. When you hire a Colorado Springs family lawyer at Springs Law Group this gives clients the best likelihood of a fair result and a strong foundation for the future. When possible, we work on behalf of clients in mediation to reach a consensus on issues such as property division and support.

What Is Family Law?

Family law involves the legal negotiation and resolution of relational issues between two or more individuals related by blood or legal means. As you can imagine, cases can become emotionally charged. The following are some specific issues or cases that a family attorney in Colorado Springs could explain:

Common Family Law Terms

The following are terms commonly used in family law:


When one spouse is required to support the other in a financial manner after a divorce or separation. There are many considerations for setting up spousal maintenance. Some of them include the involvement of one spouse in the success of the other. It could also include the spouses’ previous employment situations.

Marital property

Any property that was acquired during the marriage that is now subject to division. Each state is slightly different in how they quantify marital property, so it is important that you work with a Colorado attorney when property in Colorado is involved.


The establishment of origin or descent from a father. In layman’s terms, this simply means confirming that a certain person fathered a child.


The court process that makes a minor legally self-supporting. The minor takes on adult responsibilities for his or her own life. There are many reasons for a child to seek emancipation. Most often, it is because the child feels he or she would be better off caring for himself or herself than remaining in the current situation. When emancipation is granted, it means a court agrees with the child.

Prenuptial Agreement

This is a legally binding agreement between the prospective spouses before they marry. The presence of this agreement may mean that an individual gives up future rights to the spouse’s property after a death or divorce. You might assume this is only important for wealthy individuals. However, there are many reasons to seek a prenuptial agreement. For example, an individual who already has children when marrying might set up a prenuptial agreement to protect the children’s potential inheritance. Enabling clients to handle the divorce process effectively

No one can make divorce easy, but our advice and support will protect your rights and help you understand the relevant issues involved in marriage dissolution, such as:


Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, so a spouse filing for divorce does not have to assign fault to the other spouse — their marriage is dissolved based on a demonstration that the marriage is irretrievably broken.


One spouse must have been a Colorado resident for at least ninety one days to file for divorce in the state.

Property Division

Under the principle of equitable distribution, courts in Colorado split marital assets and debts based on what the judge believes is fair and equitable. That determination does not necessarily result in an even split.

For each aspect of your divorce, we diligently pursue the best result possible based on your specific needs.

Working with couples to resolve divorce disputes through mediation

No one seeks to end a marriage by devoting excessive time, money and energy to litigation. In many cases, mediation offers a better alternative, allowing both parties to preserve their rights while avoiding the complications that invariably arise in court. This positive, informal process often enables spouses and children alike to move ahead more quickly and successfully.

A skilled lawyer protects parental rights in custody and visitation cases. We understand how important it is to be strongly represented in matters involving parental rights and responsibilities. State law favors shared legal custody so that both parents have authority over important decisions in the lives of their minor children. Ample time at each parental residence is also encouraged. We work hard to achieve a result that is in your child’s best interest, while protecting your right to be part of your child’s life. When one parent has physical custody, we draft comprehensive visitation agreements to avoid confusion and conflict.

Advising parents on child support, modification and enforcement

By law, noncustodial parents have a legal responsibility to support their children. Court-ordered support amounts are based on a formula that considers each parent’s income, childcare costs, and health insurance contributions, among other factors. Our firm helps parents ensure that accurate information is used in making these determinations and that existing child support orders are enforced. If a change in income occurs, we will petition the court for an appropriate modification in the payment obligation.

Helping clients establish fair terms regarding spousal maintenance

Colorado law authorizes spousal maintenance, often referred to as alimony, while a divorce is pending and sometimes after the marriage is dissolved. For temporary maintenance, the state employs a formula based on the parties’ respective incomes. After the union has ended, courts examine factors such as the length of the marriage, each spouse’s age, and their earning potential. Increasingly, post-divorce maintenance is awarded for a limited period until the supported ex-spouse is able to pay for his or her own needs.

Do I Need a Family Law Attorney?

You might be tempted to handle legal family issues on your own. You’re certainly free to do so. However, you risk realizing less-than-desirable results. And while we can never guarantee outcomes in a court of law, we can give you a realistic expectation of results.Additionally, because family law cases can get highly emotional, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or make irrational decisions. You might overlook important steps in the legal process. This is true even in positive relationships. Therefore, when cases involve money or children, hiring one of our family law attorneys not only better assures you’re properly represented in a court of law, you also have someone to confide in for emotional support.The following are more reasons to attain the services of a family attorney:

Foster care or adoption

Adoption is a legally complex arrangement. There are countless variances depending on state laws. Even if you are already the foster parents of the child you want to adopt, our family attorneys make sure no item is overlooked. This better assures a faster, cleaner legal process.


In many cases, a paternity issue is addressed when the mother wants to secure child support payments. However, in some cases, the biological father files for paternity to validate a relationship with a child.


During a divorce, both partners hire their own attorneys for representation. In many cases, this can keep the case from going to trial. Divorce attorneys can calculate and negotiate spousal support or divide marital property outside of the courtroom. This can spare you a tremendous amount of money, time, and emotional distress. The attorneys can also determine a plan for child support, visitation, and custody consistent with state laws.

Child Support or Child Custody

In most cases, child custody or support is settled during a divorce case. However, it’s still appropriate to hire a Colorado Springs family attorney when a child is born out of wedlock. Additionally, child support and child custody may need to be re-calculated and renegotiated as family or financial situations change.

Speak with a Colorado Springs Family Attorney

A Colorado Springs family lawyer works with you, the client, to counsel you and represent your best interests in a court of law. While almost all lawyers have formal training in family law during school, some lawyers choose to primarily practice family law. An attorney who has vast experience in family law is likely to know and understand the nuances of state law, local judges, and other attorneys.

During your initial consultation, we go over the specifics of your case and determine if we’re a good fit. This also helps you decide the next best steps to take for your case. Since the initial consultation is free and confidential, you risk nothing but have so much to gain. Schedule your consultation now by calling (719) 421-7141.

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