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Family law involves the legal negotiation and resolution of issues between two or more individuals related by blood or legal means. As you can imagine, these cases can quickly become emotionally charged, making the process all the more challenging. Fortunately, Springs Law Group offers a full spectrum of family law services. Common legal issues we could help you with include—but are not limited to—child support, child custody, and divorce.

When you need a family law attorney, you should speak with a counselor who truly understands your situation and your priorities. With Springs Law Group, you get full attention of our attorneys and you are never passed off to an associate. Our attorney’s client-centered approach allows us to make strong cases that focus on your needs and interests during this major life transition

During your initial consultation, we discuss your goals, costs, and realistic expectations of results. When you hire a Colorado Springs family lawyer at Springs Law Group, we hope to help you achieve a fair result and a strong foundation for the future.

Spousal Separation and Divorce Options

When a married couple determines that a change in their relationship needs to occur, they have a few options they may pursue. For instance, state law allows domestic partners considering a divorce to request a legal separation. Binding separation agreements permit spouses to live separately while married without incurring any marital obligations. A legal professional can draft a separation agreement that addresses issues such as parenting time and property division for the court to approve. Later, if a couple decides to end their marriage, they may use some of the provisions in their separation agreement as a part of their divorce decree.

If a couple decides to get a divorce, this process goes a little differently. Because Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, a spouse filing for marriage dissolution does not have to assign fault to the other party. This means that a couple can end their marriage on the grounds that their relationship is irretrievably broken. Additionally, one spouse must have been a Colorado resident for at least 91 days to file for divorce in the state. When granting dissolution of marriage, the court typically enters an order distributing property, ordering child or spousal support, and allocating parental responsibilities. Divorcing spouses in Colorado Springs should address these matters with an attorney before petitioning the family court for dissolution.

Family Law Issues Regarding Children

A skilled lawyer in the area with experience in family law could protect someone’s parental rights in custody and visitation cases. We understand how important it is to be strongly represented in matters involving parental rights and responsibilities. State law favors shared legal custody so that both parents have authority over important decisions in the lives of their minor children. We work hard to achieve a result that is in your child’s best interest, while protecting your right to be part of your child’s life. When one parent has physical custody, we draft comprehensive visitation agreements to avoid confusion and conflict.

Family court judges must enter a co-parenting and parental responsibility order when divorcing spouses have children together. Colorado Revised Statute §14-10-124 requires judges to determine the best interest of a child using the following non-exclusive factors:

  • The parents’ desires and the child’s wishes
  • The individual relationships between the child, parents, and siblings
  • The child’s school and community ties
  • The past parenting conduct of each party
  • The child’s mental, physical, and emotional health
  • Each parent’s ability to emotionally and physically care for the child
  • The parents’ physical proximity to the child
  • Any past domestic abuse

Courts encourage divorcing parents to discuss these factors and submit a proposed parenting plan before the dissolution hearing. A family law judge may certify the plan after reviewing the best interest factors or modify it accordingly. Neutral child attorneys known as guardians ad litem may represent minors during family disputes.

Disputes involving children can become more complex if the paternity of a child is not legally established. In many cases, a paternity issue is addressed when the mother wants to secure child support payments. However, in some cases, the biological father may file for paternity to validate a relationship with a child.


Emancipation is the court process that makes a minor legally self-supporting. The minor takes on adult responsibilities for his or her own life. There are many reasons for a child to seek emancipation. Most often, it is because the child feels he or she would be better off caring for himself or herself than remaining under the care of their current guardian.

Drafting Marital Agreements in Colorado Springs

Marital agreements are legally binding contracts that a couple may enter either before or during their marriage. Entering into a legally enforceable domestic agreement with a spouse or soon-to-be spouse may help resolve conflicts and mitigate future disputes. For instance, this agreement may describe that an individual gives up future rights to the spouse’s property after a death or divorce.

Some may assume these contracts are only important for wealthy individuals. However, there are many reasons to seek a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. For example, an individual who already has children when marrying might set up a prenuptial agreement to protect the children’s potential inheritance. Partners can waive, modify, and address the following marital obligations and rights through a legal agreement:

  • Real property (home and land) possession and ownership
  • Personal property ownership and distribution, i.e., vehicles, furniture, engagement rings, pets
  • Management and ownership of joint businesses
  • Spousal support and maintenance
  • Indemnification and spousal liability
  • Property distribution upon separation, death, or divorce
  • Allocation of attorney’s fees and legal costs in the event of dissolution

Notably absent from this list are child support and custody matters, as judges must scrutinize and approve any child-related disputes. Parties may recommend a parenting plan, but these provisions do not bind the court. Specific contractual laws apply to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and as such, only a qualified local family attorney should draft these documents.

Resolving Divorce Disputes Through Mediation in Colorado Springs

No one seeks to end a marriage by devoting excessive time, money, and energy to litigation. When possible, we work on behalf of clients in mediation to reach a consensus on issues that may arise during divorce proceedings, such as property division and support. In many cases, mediation offers a better alternative, allowing both parties to preserve their rights while avoiding the complications that invariably arise in court. This positive, informal process often enables spouses and children alike to move ahead more quickly and successfully.

Speak with a Compassionate Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney

Domestic disputes may take years to resolve, but an experienced Colorado Springs family lawyer might ease certain legal and emotional burdens. Build a strong relationship with a compassionate advocate to maximize the benefits of retaining counsel. Our team of legal professionals could guide you through mediation, represent your children during a custody battle, or petition the court for a divorce. Speak with us today to discuss your familial rights and obligations.

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