Child Custody

Holidays and Parenting Time

The holidays are around the corner and that means parenting plans will be enforced.  Hopefully your parenting plan has properly accommodated the upcoming holidays. Sometimes holidays can be horrifically contentious so here are some tips from our firm to make the holidays great! 1. Have a game plan. Having a parenting […]

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Can a child determine child custody?

Determining child custody can be an emotional process. Unfortunately determining child custody takes some time and consideration. A common question asked is whether or not the child can have a say in his or her own child custody. The short answer is no. Colorado Courts heavily tend to stay away […]

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Why file for child custody?

As an El Paso County Family Law Attorney, one of the main questions I get asked by potential clients is, “Why should I file for child custody?” This article will address some of the reasons why a parent would file for child custody or allocation of parental responsibilities in Colorado. […]

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Can you Modify Child Custody?

Life is always changing, sometimes your parenting time needs to change too. Modifying child custody is generally always an option, except for when a few limitations may apply. The controlling Colorado statute to modify custody is C.R.S. 14-10-129 “Modifying Parenting Time.” This statute sets forth when it is appropriate or […]

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What is child custody in Colorado?

As a Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney, one of the main areas I get asked about is child custody. People want to know what their rights are as parents in the State of Colorado. This article will address the basics of what child custody is in Colorado. In all cases […]

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