Five Tips on How to Dress for Success for Your Court Hearing

Man in Suit

As a Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney, one of the most frequently asked questions that I get asked is “What should I wear for the Court hearing?”. This article is going to provide five tips on how to dress for success for your day in Court.

Know your audience

My first piece of advice is to always remember who you are dressing for. You may or may not have an attorney and the opposing side may or may not have an attorney, but you will be in front of a Magistrate of Judge in their courtroom. Magistrates and Judges decide your case on the facts and law. However, Magistrates and Judges are people too and the last thing you want deciding your case is the outfit you are wearing the day of your Court hearing. So, always keep in mind when choosing your clothes for the day of the hearing, remember who you will be in front of.

Dress like you would for a job interview

My next recommendation is to treat the way you dress for your day in Court just like choosing your attire for a job interview. During a job interview, first impressions are everything. The same holds true when being in front of a Magistrate or Judge. Make sure that your clothes are clean and pressed, your shoes are shined and you are dressed to impress.

Prepare in advance

My third piece of advice is to prepare what you are going to wear for the day of your hearing well in advance of the hearing. Do not wait until the last minute to choose your clothes until the night before or day of the hearing. By preparing early, you will eliminate unnecessary stresses the day of the hearing. So, just like you did before the first day of school, lay out what you are going to wear from head to toe. Preparation will be your key to success.

General tips

Do not wear hats in Court – baseball hats, cowboy hats, just do not do it. Do not dress like you are going out to the club or dancing. Alternatively, do not dress like you are going to prom – a three-piece suit is not needed. Keep that cummerbund and corsage at home. Do not wear sandals, shorts, or tank tops. Remember the common sense approach. My advice is to wear business casual attire.


If you have tattoos, try to cover them up. Remember your audience. If you have facial piercings, take them out if you can. Avoid big earrings and loud bracelets. Cell phones – I do consider them an accessory. We all have them. One of the things that drive Magistrates and Judges crazy is when a cell phone goes off in their courtroom during a hearing. Before you enter the courtroom, turn off your cell phone.

If you have questions about what to wear for your day in Court, contact the attorneys at Springs Law Group at 719.421.7141. At Springs Law Group, we are here to help you with the process, planning, and preparation of your case.