How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Pueblo Car Accident Case

How Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Pueblo Car Accident Case

In order to successfully recover monetary compensation for injuries suffered after a Colorado Springs car accident, you will likely need the assistance of expert witnesses to build up your case. These witnesses, who are experts in their respective fields, will be able to attest to several aspects of your Colorado Springs personal injury lawsuit. The purpose of using expert witnesses in these personal injury cases is that the testimony offered by them is more credible and detailed than that which a layperson can offer.

Expert Witnesses: Types

Expert Witnesses Types

There are several types of expert witnesses. The most common types of expert witnesses used in Colorado car accident cases include:

Medical experts – these physicians are generally not the plaintiff’s regular treating physician but, rather, conduct their examinations and treatment after the accident happened. They have the expertise, experience, and qualifications to testify and provide medical opinions on the plaintiff’s injuries, whether future medical treatment is necessary, and the cost associated with treatment.

Accident reconstructionists – these professionals assist in reconstructing car accidents by using computer software, models, and drawings. They can determine not only the force and direction of the crash, but how fast the cars were going at the time of the collision to help relate the victim’s injuries to the accident.

Mental health experts – these doctors can testify on how a car accident has affected the mental and emotional health of the victim such as a new diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or depression. He or she can also testify as to the victim’s pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and/or permanent disability.

Economic experts – this testimony speaks to the plaintiff’s inability to earn income, pay expenses, and function in his or her everyday life as a result of injuries stemming from the car accident. These experts can also quantify – or put a dollar value on – lost future wages and reduced earning capacity.

Highway safety experts – these are typically engineers or highway safety experts. They often testify regarding the road or highway conditions, or the transportation conditions, that lead up to or surround the accident in question.

Why Expert Witness Testimony Matters

Expert Witnesses Types; Why Expert Witness Testimony Matters

An expert witness is someone who is knowledgeable in the area of expertise as a result of his or her education, experience, or training. Not surprisingly, the opinion of an expert witness must be reliable. While not every Colorado Springs car accident case will require the need of expert testimony to support the claim, personal injury cases that involve severe injuries, complicated disputes, or large amounts of money at stake may need them.

Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorneys

Expert Witnesses Types; Why Expert Witness Testimony Matters; Colorado Springs Car Accident Attorneys

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a Colorado Springs or Pueblo car accident, you should contact an experienced Colorado Springs car accident lawyer right away. At the Springs Law Group, our skilled attorneys aggressively fight to protect your rights under the law and seek the best monetary compensation available to you. Give us a call today to schedule your free initial case evaluation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys to find out if we can help.