A Checklist for Your Divorce Consultation

A Checklist for Your Divorce Consultation

A few years ago, we had a potential client come into our office for a divorce consultation. After we finished, she explained that she had five more consultations scheduled with other family law lawyers in town. About two weeks later, she came back to the office and hired our firm. She said the reason she went with Springs Law Group is because it felt like we truly listened to her, treated her with respect, and provided her value during our meeting.

This blog provides you with a brief divorce consultation checklist to make sure you get more value out of your meeting with a family attorney.

Step One: Do Your Homework

  • Research the family law attorney and law firm
  • Look at the Google and AVVO reviews for the law firm and lawyer
  • Read the website of the law firm
  • Read the bio page for the lawyer on the website of the law firm
  • Schedule a consultation

Step Two: Be Prepared

  • Write down your history
  • Write down your concerns and issues
  • Bring any court documents if they have been filed
  • Ask questions

Step Three: Find Out Information at the Consultation

  • Learn the divorce process
  • Find out the retainer amount
  • Find out the hourly rate of the attorney and the paralegal
  • Overall, make sure you walk out of the consultation with more information than before you came into the meeting

Once the consultation is over, we recommend that parties take the information and process it. It could also be beneficial to talk to family and friends. Most importantly, you should make sure that when you finally decide on a family lawyer for your divorce that you and the attorney are a good fit. You should like and trust them because going through a divorce is too important of an event in your life to leave to chance.

If you are trying to end your marriage in and around Colorado Springs, please contact Springs Law Group for an initial consultation. We believe in providing value during your divorce consultation. We are here to help you.