Healthcare After Divorce

Obtaining and maintaining healthcare is already a stressful and burdensome task, but adding a divorce to the mix makes it more strenuous. So what happens to your healthcare when you go through a divorce? Find out in today’s blog. Your Healthcare A divorce splits up a couple’s property, debt, and […]

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What is a divorce decree?

At the end of your divorce case in Colorado, the final document ordered by the Court is called a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage or Divorce Decree. The Decree is the document that finalizes your divorce.  A Decree is more than just a piece of paper, it is a document […]

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Can I go through a divorce without my spouse?

On a few specific occasions, divorces may occur without the presence of one of the parties. Sometimes one of the spouses is in the military, sometimes a spouse is incarcerated, sometimes a spouse is missing. However, the absence of one spouse does not make it impossible to carry out a […]

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How is our property divided in my divorce?

Divorces not only split relationships but the couples’ property as well. The division of property is one of the major issues in a divorce case. Property includes tangible items, as well as the intangible, and more importantly debts. This blog outlines the statute that Judges follow in order to determine […]

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Is your marriage irretrievably broken?

One of the first questions you must answer on the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is whether or not you believe your marriage is irretrievably broken. In the State of Colorado, the court has to find that the marriage is irretrievably broken to issue a decree of dissolution and officially […]

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How will the Court divide marital property?

One of the most fought over and emotional parts of a divorce in Colorado is dividing the marital property between Husband and Wife. Figuring who is entitled to what assets, such as the marital home, vehicles, personal property, bank accounts, and retirements, and who is going to pay what debts is […]

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What Is The Divorce Process In Colorado?

The divorce process may vary from state to state. The divorce process can be confusing and frustrating, but if you keep certain goals in mind through out the process, it can ease your stress. These milestones help keep parties focused and pressing on, even when things become difficult. Filing for […]

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Checklist for your divorce consultation

A few years ago, I had a potential client come into my office for a divorce consultation. After we finished, she explained to me that she had five more consultations scheduled with other family law lawyers in town. About two weeks later, she came back to my office and hired […]

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