Left-Hand Turn Crashes

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Colorado Springs Car Crash Attorney Explains Your Rights After You Have Been Injured in a Colorado Left-Turn Car Crash

Anytime a vehicle is leaving its lane of travel, it is a dangerous maneuver. But the most dangerous of these maneuvers is the left turn. According to national crash accident statistics, turning left was the largest cause of all traffic accidents in intersections and one of the top causes of all traffic accidents. This is because a driver turning left is driving perpendicularly across another driver’s right-of-way and lane of traffic, meaning a left turn driver is cutting right in front of another vehicle’s path.


When multiple vehicles collide and one was turning left, who is at fault?


Generally, the individual turning left will be liable for a left hand turn crash in Colorado.

The Traffic Law:

Colorado Law, C.R.S. section 42-4-702 governs vehicles turning left and provides “[t]he driver of a vehicle intending to turn left within an intersection or into an alley, private road, or driveway shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from the opposition direction which is within the intersection or so close thereto as to constitute an immediate hazard.”

How Does the Law Apply?

Victims can use the violation of the statute to help prove their personal injury case. This is because an oncoming vehicle that collides with a left turning vehicle is considered an “immediate hazard” in the right of way to which the turning vehicle is statutorily required to yield. The turning driver will likely be found to have violated this section of law. People injured in the crash may be able to use the violation of this statute as a finding of automatic negligence against the driver in a personal injury case. This is through the doctrine of negligence per se, and is a very powerful tool for victims.

If I Was a Passenger in the Vehicle That Turned Left, Do I Have a Case?

Yes, you may have a case. While the driver and possibly the owner of the car that turned left and caused the car crash may be liable, the passengers of the vehicle are not liable unless they caused the crash—which is very unlikely. This means that the occupants may be able to assert a claim for personal injuries against the driver of the car they were in, including under the doctrine of negligence per se.

What Injuries May I Claim in a Left Hand Turn Case?

You may claim injuries that were caused by or exacerbated by the car crash. This means any new injuries or any old injuries that were worsened. This means some pre-existing conditions may be claimed. A common issue is a back injury that may have pre-existing degenerative disc disease, even if the individual has no complaints of pain before the crash. You will need to establish what daily activities you were engaged in prior to your accident and how your daily and customary activities were curtailed after the crash.

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