Common Types of Fatal Car Crashes

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Fatal Colorado Springs Car Crashes: What to Know to Protect You and Your Family

Any car crash could result in serious and even fatal injuries. Fatal Colorado Springs car crashes come in many different forms. It does not always matter how fast the vehicles were traveling for an occupant of one or both cars to be killed. Some low speed collisions, particularly side impact collisions or with tractor trailers, can be fatal—particularly if a young child or baby is on the side of the vehicle impacted. But more commonly, high speed impacts like those on I-70, I-40, or I-25 are most likely to cause a wrongful death.

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Types of Fatal Colorado Springs Car Crashes

Even though any type of auto accident can result in a fatal injury, there are some types of motor vehicle wrecks that are more likely to cause the wrongful death of an occupant. These types of collisions include the following:

Large Commercial Truck Crashes

Any time a smaller, passenger vehicle collides with a big rig, 18 wheeler, box truck, or other tractor trailer, the results are likely devastating. These large and heavy trucks have significant momentum that must be dispersed throughout the vehicle with which they collide. The shear force of the impact can instantly break bones and cause catastrophic organ or tissue damage. Traumatic brain injuries are also likely. Large trucks are also more dangerous because they can cause secondary injuries, which are injuries caused after the initial impact. This could be from a fire (due to the amount of fuel carried by the truck) or caustic cargo (like gasoline or chemicals) that could spill on occupants.

Head-on Collisions

Head-on collisions are likely to result in a wrongful death because of the significant amount of force generated by the collision. These types of collisions are also deadly because vehicles are colliding in the front and directly near the occupants.

Side Impact Collisions

Side impact collisions are very dangerous because, unlike head-on collisions, the sides of vehicles do not have a crunch zone or much metal, padding, or general protections. It takes a lot less energy to get through the car’s metal shell on the side of a car to harm an occupant. This is why side impact collisions are incredibly dangerous and more likely to result in wrongful death.

Municipal Vehicle Crashes

There are many different types of municipal vehicle crashes that could occur, such as with emergency vehicles, buses, roadwork construction, or other public-entity vehicles. But the one thing in common with all of these vehicles is that they are usually big and heavy, or moving fast—sometimes both. This means increased power when impacted and serious damage to smaller, passenger vehicles and the occupants inside.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to life-threatening injuries in a motor vehicle crash because they do not have the same safety devices other passengers do in other vehicles. That is, motorcyclists have no seat belts, air bags, side impact curtains, or even a metal shell to protect them. This is why motorcycle accidents are commonly fatal.

Rollover Crashes

Anytime a vehicle rolls over, whether in a single car or multiple car crash, it is a very serious type of crash. Most vehicles are not tested or designed for crashes where the vehicle rolls over. Other types of environmental hazards such as water poise an additional threat to occupants in vehicles that roll over. Wrongful deaths in rollover collisions are common because of these factors.

Families of Victims Involved in Fatal Colorado Springs Car Crashes Should Call Our Law Office

If your loved one was killed in a fatal auto accident anywhere in Colorado, you have rights to protect. However, Colorado’s statute of limitations requires a family to bring a wrongful death claim is only two years from the date of death. It is imperative that you act soon to protect your loved one’s rights.

Here at Springs Law Group, we understand how difficult it is for a family who has lost a loved one. We will work hard to lift as much of the burdens off of your shoulders while you focus on healing. Call our Colorado Springs car crash lawyer at Springs Law Group to learn your rights to compensation and how to protect them by dialing  (719) 421-7141 or use the convenient and easy to use “Get Help Now” submission box available here. The call is free and the consultation is free, so call today to schedule with your lawyer today.