November 17, 2017

What adjustments can be made to child support?

Calculating child support in the State of Colorado can be a complicated and daunting task during a divorce or child custody case. Fortunately, there are child support calculators available to help parents figure out what child support will be in their case. Child support is more than just figuring out the income of the parties and the number of overnights that each parent has. There are many adjustments that can be made to your Colorado child support.

Child Support Adjustments: Colorado Revised Status (CRS) section 14-10-115, defines what adjustments are and how they are applied when calculating child support.

Adjustments for Child Care Costs: Child care or daycare costs for children because of employment, job search or the education of a parent will be added to the child support calculation. The child costs will be divided between the parties in proportion to their adjusted gross income. With child care costs being added to child support, it eliminates the need for multiple transactions between the parties. This way, there is only one payment to the daycare provider.

Adjustments for Health Insurance Premiums: The children’s share of health insurance is also an added adjustment to calculating Colorado child support. The health insurance premium will be divided between the parties in proportion to their adjusted gross income. For example, if a family of four (Mom, Dad and two children) have health insurance premiums of $400 per month, then the amount put on the child support worksheet would be $200. The $200 is the children’s proportionate share of health insurance premium costs.

Adjustments for Extraordinary Medical Expenses: Expenses not covered by medical insurance are extraordinary medical expenses. These expenses can include copayments and deductible amounts in excess of $250 per child, per calendar year. These expenses are another adjustment to child support. The extraordinary medical expenses will include reasonable and necessary costs for orthodontia, dental treatments, asthma treatments, physical therapy, vision care and any uninsured chronic health problems. It may also include counseling or psychiatric care for the children if the Court approves it.

Proving the Adjustments: Generally, the Courts will not just take your word at face value on the dollar amount of the adjustments. Any dollar amount that you put on the child support worksheet should be support in your sworn financial statement and proof of those amounts should have been provided to the other parent/party. In other words: document, document, document.

The goal of all of the child support adjustments is to benefit the children in your divorce or child custody case. The adjustments are for the best interests of the children.

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