The Safe Driving Scholarship Winners

2020 Scholarship Winner: Chloe Schwartz

“First and foremost, I would like to thank the Springs Law Group LLC for an incredible scholarship. With their generosity, I will be able to help pay for my Bachelor’s Degree. I’m excited for the opportunities college has to offer me in both the academic and social realms. Within the first few minutes of discovering I had been chosen as the winner, I was shocked, and then I felt incredibly honored and appreciative to have received the Safe Driving Scholarship, as not everyone is lucky enough to be chosen. Knowing that an outside organization, who doesn’t know me too well, has a vested interest in my education and future, is heart-warming.

After graduating, I would like to become a high school counselor. My dream profession is to help students find and apply to their dream colleges, and becoming a high school counselor is the most direct way I can do that. My counselor could not have been more helpful in my college application process, as she helped me narrow down which schools best fit me and constantly checked in to see the progression of my applications. She made the process enjoyable while minimizing stress, and I want to be that light for other students, as selecting the right form of higher education is unique for each individual and should not be taken lightly.”

Learn More About The Distracted Driving Impact Awareness Scholarship

The team at Springs Law Group LLC started The Safe Driving Scholarship to get students to think critically about the current texting and driving laws in their state and what could be improved to promote safety on the roads. As a personal injury law firm, we feel it is our responsibility to help new drivers think about how to be good drivers so that they will likely not find themselves on either end of a car accident court case. To learn more about this scholarship, visit The Safe Driving Scholarship page.