Pueblo Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

It can be unsettling if you discover that your elderly loved one is experiencing abuse from people whom you entrusted with their care. Sadly, abusive behavior can go unreported, and therefore, may result in a rising number of cases. However, it is inexcusable and can be traumatic for the resident and their family members.

A Pueblo nursing home abuse lawyer could help you and your loved one if their caregivers abused or neglected them. An experienced personal injury attorney understands the difficulties of dealing with elder abuse and could empathize with your situation. Proving abusive or neglectful misconduct can be complicated, but an attorney could fight for your loved one.

Types of Abusive Nursing Home Misconduct

Nursing homes must care for and ensure the safety of its residents. An instance or series of instances of abuse may become legally actionable when the caregivers negligently, recklessly, or intentionally harm residents.

Physical Abusive Behavior

Force used against a resident that results in pain or injury constitutes physical abuse. Bruising, broken bones, scratches, or lacerations may result from shoving, hitting, scratching, or other forms of physical mistreatment.

Emotional and Psychological Abuse

Emotional abuse may include neglect, intimidation or threats, forced labor, or isolation from friends and family. Elderly residents may suffer verbal or non-verbal mistreatment. A family who suspects emotional mistreatment should look for signs of depression or anxiety, refusal to see loved ones, sudden shifts in temperament, and changes in hygiene or sleeping patterns.

Sexual Misconduct

Any verbal sexual harassment, touching, or visual displays of pornographic or exposing private parts constitutes sexual misconduct. Sexual abuse is as shocking as it is serious, and could result in criminal prosecution.

Financial Mistreatment

Financial exploitation usually starts with theft—stealing an elderly resident’s checkbook, credit cards, or cash. It may also come in the form of threats or intimidation whereby the resident is forced to pay off a staff member to avoid retribution, physical or otherwise.


Failure to supervise, monitor health concerns, nourish, and provide medical treatment are manners of neglect. A Pueblo nursing home abuse attorney could help advise prospective claimants about legal options regarding the mistreatment of their loved ones.

Evidence in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Evidence is essential to proving an elder abuse and seeking monetary damages. The types of evidence that a lawyer may collect in a Pueblo nursing home abuse case may include:

  • Photographs of the injuries
  • Pictures of the care facility
  • Medical records or treatment history
  • Patient care log
  • Staff charts
  • Statements from staff or resident witnesses

Schedule a Consultation with a Pueblo Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

It is distressing to think that care facilities could commit such atrocities against the people they are meant to protect, but unfortunately, it happens. A Pueblo nursing home abuse lawyer could support you and your loved ones throughout the legal process after this traumatic experience. Legal counsel could assess your case, determine your legal options, and help you strategize the best course of action. Schedule a consultation with a caring attorney to explore your legal options.

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