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Pharmaceutical drugs are meant to provide relief. However, some medications must be taken off the market because they pose undisclosed and dangerous risks to users. In these situations, a user may have a viable claim to demand compensation from the negligent drug company.

A Pueblo dangerous drugs lawyer could help you navigate this complex and daunting legal endeavor. Therefore, if you have experienced adverse side effects from taking a certain medication, you should speak with a personal injury attorney who could take legal action on your behalf.

Types of Dangerous Drug Claims

A design or manufacturing defect is a category of claim applicable to cases where the drug formula or its ingredients are faulty or unsafe. This claim may occur as a result of failure to adequately design or test a medication, or if the company made a mistake made while producing the drug in question.

Improper marketing claims stem from drugs that do not bear adequate warnings. The law standardizes appropriate warnings. When the labeling or marketing of a drug fails to meet these standards and result in harm to consumers, a company may be at fault.

Prescription drugs with dangerous, undisclosed side effects is another argument that an attorney could make in an unsafe medication claim. Many medications have side effects that are, as they should be, revealed to patients, so they can understand the benefits, drawbacks, and dangers of taking a particular drug. A Pueblo dangerous medications attorney could review a case and determine which argument is most applicable in a specific situation.

What is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

A Pueblo lawyer could appraise an injured party’s dangerous drugs case to determine whether it is possible to bring a claim and seek monetary damages. In some situations, legal counsel may try for an out-of-court settlement with the responsible party or they may file a lawsuit on the claimant’s behalf. In the case of dangerous pharmaceuticals, there can be many users injured around the country. As such, many claims may begin to appear, and class-action lawsuits consolidate these separate cases into one.

A class-action is meant to resolve all cases regarding a particular defective drug efficiently. A class is represented by multiple law firms who run the case on behalf of the plaintiffs. If a case settles or if the court awards damages, class members may receive a part of the settlement proportional to their injuries. Damages may include medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

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The impacts of taking an unsafe drug can be overwhelming if not life-altering. Additionally, moving forward from the resulting trauma and challenges can be difficult.

If you suffered adverse side effects after taking pharmaceutical medications, a Pueblo dangerous drugs lawyer could help you hold the negligent company accountable. By reaching out to a lawyer you could explore the avenues available to you should you seek monetary damages. Contact one of our dedicated attorneys to schedule an initial case consultation today.

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