July 3, 2017

How long will my El Paso County divorce take?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a Colorado Springs divorce attorney by my clients is how long will my divorce take.  The answer that I give is that, it depends.  Now, I know that sound like a vague answer, and it is because many different factors play a role in how long a Colorado divorce will take.  This article will explore some of those factors.The Law. Colorado statute states that the court needs to find that ninety-one days or more have passed since the court acquired jurisdiction over the respondent as one of the factors in entering a decree of dissolution of marriage. This means that the soonest that two people in the State of Colorado can be officially divorced is after ninety-one days. By the soonest, I mean that there are no remaining issues and both parties have come to agreement on all issues.The Statistics. In 2015, in the Colorado 4th Judicial District (El Paso County and Teller County), there were 6,055 domestic relations cases filed and of those 6,055 cases, 4,176 of the cases had no attorney.* These statistics are important in determination of the length of your case in a couple of ways. First, my general belief is that the involvement of an attorney or attorneys in a divorce case can greatly help with the resolution of issues.  Also, the amount of cases heard by the courts on a yearly basis can potentially add to the length of your case because there are only so many judges to hear your case and only so much time in a day. [*Office of the State Court Administrator, Court Services Division, December 2015]

The Reality. Outside of the law and the statistics, the main determination of how long your El Paso County divorce will take depends on you and the opposing party.  I tell my clients that I like to keep my cases boring and keep them as simple as possible.  When cases are adversarial, they are not boring at all.  If the parties to a case are fighting over child custody, bringing experts on board, filing contempt action against each other, filing restraining orders, and generally not working together, the case can go on for well over a year.  Now, at times it is necessary and proper to bring experts on board for your case, file contempt motions, and file restraining orders.  These factors can and will have an impact on how long your El Paso County divorce will take.  Parties that work together get their divorces done faster.

The experienced attorneys at Springs Law Group work with clients to help them understand how long their case will take and teach them proactive ways to approach their case so that they can start the next step in their life.  If you have questions about your El Paso County divorce, contact Christopher M. Nicolaysen, Jacob F. Kimball or Lindsey E. Weber at Springs Law Group LLC to help you with the preparation of your specific case. Call us directly at 719.299.5777 today.

Christopher Nicolaysen is a Family law Attorney who practices in Colorado Springs, CO. He graduated from Denver Sturm College of Law, and has been practicing law for several years now. Christopher Nicolaysen is passionate about helping you solve your family matters. Learn more about his experience here.

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