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Residents who require around the clock care provided by nursing homes deserve to live with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, all too often, staff members of nursing homes may abuse and neglect their residents, which can have lasting effects on someone’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Every nursing home has the obligation to provide for the health and emotional stability of their residents. A care facility that fails to accomplish this goal and allows injuries that result from either intentional abuse or neglect carries liability. Any incident of injury that is the result of poor care from a staff member implicates not just one staff member but the facility as a whole.

A Colorado Springs nursing home abuse lawyer could help if you or a loved one has experienced abuse in a care facility. An experienced personal injury attorney could work with you to understand your rights, fully investigate your case, and make fair claims for damages from a negligent assisted living community.

Abuse in the Form of Intentional Harm

Unfortunately, some nursing homes may have a poor record of screening and training their employees. In cases of intentional abuse, this may be a common circumstance. When a staff member intentionally inflects harm onto a resident, serious injuries may occur because they may be unable to fight back.

These injuries can be the result of staff members using improper methods of restraint, lashing out as a form of discipline, or intentionally withholding food, water, or medication. Those who have been intentionally abused may present with:

  • Broken bones
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Changes in mood
  • PTSD

A nursing home that allows intentional abuse to occur shares civil liability with the abuser. The facility may be criminally responsible if they had knowledge of an attack and did nothing to provide protection or rectify the situation. A Colorado Springs nursing home abuse attorney could investigate a plaintiff’s case could help a plaintiff pursue a civil claim for damages against the abuser and the care facility.

Abuse in the Form of Neglect

All nursing homes have a legal duty to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all their residents. To create this environment, nursing home staff have a legal obligation to provide basic necessities such as food, water, and medication. Care facility personnel must also allow the residents to socialize, care for their mental health, and help them with daily activities. Failure to provide any of these services can result in neglect.

In many instances involving abuse, the staff members or administrators do not intend to cause harm. However, neglect can still cause catastrophic injuries, and as a result, staff members may be held liable despite their abuse being unintentional. Abuse that is the result of neglect may include:

  • Bedsores that develop from remaining idle
  • Slips and falls in showers or corridors
  • Dehydration from lacking a proper drink schedule
  • Social isolation leading to depression or anxiety
  • Improper wound care

An assisted living community that is complicit in injuries that result from neglect is no less liable then one that allows intentional abuse to occur. A Colorado Springs lawyer with experience in nursing home abuse cases could investigate allegations of neglect to build a case for damages.

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Every resident in a nursing home has the right to live in a safe and pleasant environment. Paramount among these rights is the ability to live without fear of intentional harm or injuries that result from neglect. Unfortunately, many care facilities may not provide this level of care.

Any injured resident has the right to demand payments for their losses. A Colorado Springs nursing home abuse lawyer could help you pursue your claim. Reach out today to get started on your case.

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