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A primary concern for spouses who are separating or divorcing is how to support themselves financially as they make this immense transition. One potential solution to this challenge is alimony or spousal maintenance. There are several different kinds of spousal support the court may order one party to pay depending on a variety of factors. A Colorado Springs spousal maintenance lawyer could provide legal assistance if you are filing for or need help responding to a request for alimony. Additionally, one of our skilled family law attorneys could provide dedicated representation and help you pursue a fair outcome.

Duration of a Spousal Maintenance Award in Colorado Springs

Several factors can determine the duration of a spousal maintenance award, with the length of the marriage being one of the most important determinants. The longer the marriage lasted, the more likely that one party may have to pay spousal support for a prolonged duration. The duration of a maintenance award can vary widely, including anywhere from a few months to an indeterminate period.

In some instances, if a couple was married for 20 years, the court may grant spousal maintenance for ten years following the dissolving of the union. According to Colorado Revised Statute §14-10-114, if the couple was married for more than two decades, the court may grant alimony for a specific duration of time or potentially for the rest of the petitioner’s life.

Qualifying Factors in the Court’s Alimony Decision

State law establishes an extensive list of factors for the court to consider in spousal maintenance cases. If an individual is facing spousal support proceedings, a Colorado Springs lawyer could represent them before the judge. It is essential to understand that either spouse could be considered for maintenance payments.

Alimony is designed to help one spouse who has been economically dependent on the other maintain some consistency after their marriage ends, and possibly allow them to work toward their own financial stability. The court’s main priority is to reach an arrangement that is unbiased to both spouses.

The court typically looks at whether a financial necessity exists in one spouse’s situation that justifies spousal support while examining whether the other party is in a position to make such payments. As mentioned previously, the duration of the marital union is a significant factor in the court’s determination of spousal maintenance.

The present earnings of both spouses, as well as the earning potential of either party in the future, can factor into the court’s decision as well. The court also may consider the assets granted to each party in their divorce agreement as well as the age and physical well-being of both individuals.

Kinds of Spousal Maintenance in Colorado Springs

There are several forms of spousal maintenance that a judge may award in separation or divorce cases. For instance, a judge may grant temporary support to one spouse while they are going through a separation or before the marriage is officially dissolved. A judge also may award rehabilitative support when a spouse needs to go back to school to further their employment prospects or has children at home. Rehabilitative support is temporary, and the court will specify the duration of such maintenance.

When a court orders spousal maintenance for an indefinite or permanent period, it will usually only terminate if either party dies or the receiving party marries again. In some cases, when a party does not wish to make ongoing alimony payments, and both individuals agree, the court may allow one spouse to pay the receiving party in a lump sum. A Colorado Springs attorney could help someone understand what spousal maintenance options may be available in their situation.

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