Colorado Springs Protection Order Lawyer

An individual may obtain a protection order to safeguard their rights and wellbeing if they are experiencing abuse or threat of harm from another person. A Colorado Springs protection order lawyer could assist you with process to obtain this protection. If you are uncertain what your legal rights and options are in your current situation, one of our family law attorneys could help you understand what course of action may be available and advocate aggressively for the fullest protection the law can provide.

Short-Term Protection Orders in Colorado Springs

There are a few protection orders that a Colorado Springs attorney could help someone obtain. One is called an emergency protection order. The police can secure these orders if the petitioner is in a situation where there is an imminent threat of serious harm or abuse. These emergency orders usually only remain in effect for a few days, at most.

Alternatively, an individual also may have the option to file a petition for a temporary protection order. A court issues this type of order in advance of a hearing to determine whether the situation warrants permanent action. If the petitioner can provide evidence that they are facing an immediate threat of harm, the court may issue a temporary protective order for up to two weeks.

How Does Someone Obtain a Permanent Protection Order?

When a temporary order expires, the court then holds a hearing to determine whether or not to grant a permanent protection order to the petitioner. At this hearing, both the petitioner and the defendant have the opportunity to state their case before the judge regarding why the action should or should not be granted.

If the court decides to grant a permanent order, they may issue this document with no end date. However, the court may decide to prolong the short-term order for several more months instead. When this extended order expires, there could be a hearing that addresses a potential permanent protection order. A lawyer in Colorado Springs could help someone fight against or petition for a permanent protection order depending on the circumstances of their case.

Situations that Warrant the Issuance of a Colorado Springs Protection Order

There are numerous situations where a person could file a petition for a protection order in Colorado Springs. Protective orders are commonly obtained in cases involving domestic abuse or assault. However, someone may seek these actions outside of a domestic context, such as in cases involving stalking.

An individual may obtain a protection order relatively quickly, and once issued, can bar the defendant from numerous types of specific actions. For example, a these actions can instruct the defendant to remain a certain number of yards away from the petitioner, relinquish firearms in their possession, or forbid any form of communication with the petitioner. These actions also may suspend an individual’s custodial rights to any children they share with the petitioner.

In certain circumstances, such as cases of domestic abuse, the defendant may have to change locations from the family home to a different residence entirely. Additionally, the protection order may require the defendant to continue making house or rental payments.

Speak with a Colorado Springs Protection Order Attorney

If you are experiencing abuse or threats of harm from a family member or you are facing accusations of such actions, speak with a Colorado Springs protection order lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney could help you protect your legal rights and fight for the justice you deserve. Schedule a confidential consultation about your case with an attorney by calling our office today.