What to Do After a Divorce in Colorado Springs

Even though you may be ready to just move on after a divorce, there are steps a few steps you should take once your divorce is finalized. For instance, it is important that the parties review their court orders, such as the parenting plan and separation agreement. Each of these documents have certain deadlines that each party must follow, so it is important that now the parties not only complete those deadlines, but also make sure that they are following the court orders that were just assigned to them. A dedicated attorney from our firm could help you prepare for life after marriage and explain what to do after a divorce in Colorado Springs

Documentation to Change Following Marriage Dissolution

After a divorce in Colorado Springs, a person may have to change certain documentation. Some documents that need to be updated or changed are name-change requests, driver’s licenses, or sometimes social security cards. Additionally, it is important that, the parties change their estate planning documents, their wills or trusts if they have any, and any life insurance documents in case any beneficiaries need to change. If there are children involved, parents should updated any school or medical documents.

Enforcing the Terms of a Divorce After it is Finalized

Once a judge issues a court order, they take the provisions in that action extremely seriously. Therefore, all parties should understand that court orders must be followed after they get a divorce. If a party is not following a court order, then a lawyer could help them hold their ex-spouse in contempt. When filing contempt charges, the petitioner must show that the party knew of the court order and violated its terms. A lawyer could help someone gather appropriate evidence to support these charges.

Some common ways the terms of a divorce may be broken include not following improper procedure when exchanging children as described in the parenting plan, one parent failing to pay child support, or not making appropriate alimony payments. Additionally, one ex-spouse may refuse to change the title or exchange property that was awarded to the other party.

If one party violates the terms of a divorce decree, a Colorado Springs attorney could notify them of this violation and give them an opportunity to remedy their mistake. If they fail to do that, then the role of the attorney would be to file contempt charges against that party, and represent their client in a hearing in regards to the contempt. A person may be able to recover lost child support payments or argue for a different custody arrangement.

Speak with a Colorado Springs Attorney to Discuss What Happens Following a Divorce

Generally, the role of an attorney following a divorce is to be a guide that helps the client wrap things up. A lawyer could help someone understand what to do after a divorce in Colorado Springs by walking them through this process. For more information, about moving forward after your divorce is finalized, call today.