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Many adults rely on prescription medication to care for chronic pain, high blood pressure, mental illnesses, and many other conditions. Because of this dependency, state law places a duty on drug manufacturers to create medications that are safe for their users. A failure to meet this standard that results in an injury may give rise to a dangerous drugs claim.

A Colorado Springs dangerous drugs lawyer could hold drug producers responsible for their negligence. An experienced personal injury attorney could assist you in making legally-sound demands for compensation that cover your losses.

The Duties of Drug Manufacturers

Before any drugs can reach the market, they must undergo extensive FDA testing. This testing ensures that a drug performs its intended function, identifies any dangerous side effects, and certifies that a medication is safe when a patient uses it as directed.

Unfortunately, these strict standards may cause drug producers to withhold vital information and rush the testing process. For instance, if a drug manufacturer knows that a blood thinner may cause uncontrollable internal bleeding, but does not disclose this problem to the FDA, this company is violating their duty to produce a safe product. A Colorado Springs dangerous drugs attorney could provide more information about the responsibilities of drug manufacturers and could identify if a company failed to uphold these responsibilities.

Proving Negligence in an Unsafe Drugs Case

State law limits the legal theories under which an injured person may claim damages in a dangerous drugs lawsuit. Attorneys may use one of the following methods to prove that a drug manufacturer was negligent when they placed their medication on the market. A legal representative may find evidence that demonstrates that the drug producer submitted a defective design to their manufacturers. These cases argue that the design contained an inherent flaw, making the product unsafe for consumption.

A lawyer also could argue that the drug became unsafe due to a manufacturing error. In these cases, the attorney asserts that the medication was not inherently dangerous but that a mistake in the manufacturing process gave the drug unsafe properties.

In this last approach, plaintiffs may claim that the packaging on the drug did not have adequate warnings of the potential hazards. Attorneys commonly use this method because deception on the part of drug companies is a leading cause of dangerous medication injuries. A Colorado Springs unsafe drugs lawyer could help evaluate the facts of an injured user’s case to determine which strategy may offer the best chance for a successful claim.

Speak With a Colorado Springs Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Suffering an injury after taking a dangerous drug can be a frightening experience. Consumers rely on their medications to maintain their health or to stabilize a critical condition they may have. When an error in design, manufacturing, or a failure to warn of the potentially dangerous side effects results in your injury, you may have the right to compensation.

A Colorado Springs dangerous drugs lawyer could help you pursue your claim. They could measure your damages, evaluate the facts of your case, and choose a legal approach that could help you obtain compensation. Contact an attorney today to learn more about your legal options.

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