How Much Will My Family Law Case Cost?

How Much Will My Family Law Case Cost?

Predicting how much your family law case will cost can be difficult as many factors can play a part the total bill. As Colorado Springs family lawyers, one of the questions that we often receive is, “How much will my case cost?”. The answer that is, “it depends”. It depends on many different factors, some you will have control over and some you will not.

The Fee Agreement

The first step in understanding how much your divorce or child custody case is going to cost is to review and understand your fee agreement with your lawyer. As a best practice, a member of our staff at Springs Law Group sits down with new clients and walks them through the fee agreement. During this consultation, our team can provide answers to many questions they may have.

It is important that you understand what the initial retainer is and the corresponding hourly rates for an attorney and paralegal. Additionally, it is important to read the fee agreement so you can understand the costs for emails and phone calls to the attorney and/or paralegal. These small costs can add up quickly.

You should also be aware of what benchmarks the law firm has regarding replenishing your retainer. Overall, it is important to know when your bill is due to ensure that they keep working on your case.

Do the Work for Your Case

A case is only as expensive as you let it become. If you choose to be an involved participant in your family law case, then you may be able to reduce its cost. One piece of advice is to talk to your attorney and ask them what you can do in your case to help reduce costs. For example, if a law firm has to make requests for financial statements from your bank account, it will cost you much more than if you went directly to the bank to ask for the records yourself.

The Uncontrollable Family Law Case Expenses

Ultimately, there are some costs outside of an individual’s control in their divorce or child custody. The number one area where these expenses appear are from the actions of the opposing party. If an opposing party decides to file motions and create conflict, a case could drag out for a long period of time and the cost may rise. It is important to have your finger on the pulse of the case and know how difficult the opposing party could be.

Contact a Colorado Springs Attorney to Discuss the Cost of Family Law Cases

As a matter of practice, we explain to our clients that we cannot predict the total costs of their case as there are too many variables involved. However, if these individuals become educated on the terms of the fee agreement, choose to do some of the work themselves, and understand the areas they cannot control then they may have a better idea of costs.

If you are looking to for a family law firm that is dedicated and open about fees and costs, reach out to Springs Law Group. The lawyers and staff at our firm are here for you. Please contact us to schedule a case consultation.