Can I Dismiss my Colorado Divorce Case?

Can I Dismiss my Colorado Divorce Case?

As a Colorado family lawyers, we handle many high conflict divorce and child custody cases where parties have many disagreements. We occasionally have individuals come into the office in a highly emotional state. When someone makes the decision to officially file for divorce, the decision is never one that is made on a whim. Some individuals put time and thought into deciding if their marriage is ending and if their divorce is beginning.

We believe that each dissolution of marriage case is different. Just because you choose to file for a divorce does not mean that it absolutely must happen. Because this decision can have many long-term consequences, some individuals ask if they can dismiss or stop the divorce process in Colorado. If you are having second thoughts about your divorce, you may have a few options.

Pausing Your Divorce Case

Someone can pause their divorce case by filing a Motion for Stay of Proceedings. The Motion for Stay of Proceedings allows the parties upon agreement to put the dissolution case on hold for a period of time. Usually, a divorce case can be put on pause for roughly 30 to 90 days. During the stay, the parties usually work on their relationship and decide if the divorce is still necessary or not. At the end of the stay, the parties can either decide to continue the divorce case or dismiss the case in its entirety.

Dismissing Your Divorce Case

Some individuals may decide to dismiss their case altogether. In this situation, both parties must agree to the dismissal. If the court grants the dismissal and a couple later decides that they do want to get a divorce, they must start the process over again and repay the associated fees.

Speak with an Attorney to Learn More About Dismissing or Pausing a Divorce Case in Colorado

Just because you begin a Colorado divorce case does not mean that you are stuck in completing it. If both parties want to dismiss or pause the case, there are remedies in place to make that happen. Do not let anyone tell you that just because you file for divorce you are stuck in it, remember to do what is best for you.

If you have questions about dismissing a Colorado divorce case, contact the family lawyers at Springs Law Group LLC. We are here to help you with your case.