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Overview of Civil Litigation – Part III: Mediation and Trial

In the first two Parts of this series on the Overview of Civil Litigation, we discussed how a lawsuit commences and the types of discovery tools available to investigate the facts of the case. In this Part III, we discuss mediation and trial. Mediation Mediation is an opportunity for the […]

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A Summary of the Divorce Process

As an attorney who practices family law, I have been through many divorces. I am familiar with the in and out of the divorce process. Sometimes I find myself flying through my explanation of terms and procedure in order to get to the facts of the case and to start […]

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Common Law Marriage: Are We or Aren’t We?

Some people think that Common Law Marriage is an unattainable mythical creature, others think just about every non-married couple is common law married. So what does it really mean to be common law married in Colorado? It’s actually really quite simple. There are three requirements to satisfy a common law […]

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